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Provides the principle leadership and responsibility for the organisation and the Committee. 

Email: president@camels.org.au

Phone: 0405 701 095

Shadows the President in providing leadership and responsibility for the club and committee, and steps into the President’s role where needed.

Email: vpresident@camels.org.au

Phone:0401 234 379 



Manages the club's records and is the primary communication point to the members and association.

Email: secretary@camels.org.au

Phone: 0408 597 119

Assistant Secretary: TBC

Assists the secretary in their general duties and steps into the role when necessary.

Email: asecretary@camels.org.au



Responsible for the financial supervision of the club and regularly reports on the club‘s financial status to both the Committee and the club members.

Email: treasurer@camels.org.au

Phone: 0411 962 052

Assistant Treasurer: TBC

Assists the treasurer in meeting their financial responsibility in the club and assumes the treasurers role in the treasurers absence.

Email: atreasurer@camels.org.au



Acts as the key point of liaison between the club's members and the committee.

Email: registrar@camels.org.au

Phone: 0425 815 348



Duty Manager: Jodette Clark

Responsible for the allocation of duties amongst the clubs members in a fair and timely manner.

Email: dutymanager@camels.org.au

Implements the club’s recruitment plan as well as updating, maintaining and improving the Camels website and Facebook page.

Email: publicity@camels.org.au


Oversees the implementation of the club's fundraising plan and annual social activities.

Email: social@camels.org.au

Phone: 0435 849 908

Junior Liason: Dani Moore

Email: juniors@camels.org.au

Phone: 0425 815 348

The first point of call in the club for any inquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment and abuse. The MPO provides information and guidance on complaints procedures - they are the 'go to' person if you want to discuss problems at the club, particularly if you are considering making a formal complaint.

Email: MPO@camels.org.au



First Aid Officer: Susan Agland

Responsible for overseeing and implementing the clubs first aid policies.

Email: firstaidofficer@camels.org.au

Phone: 0405 701 095

General Committee Member: Lara Kaauwai

Provides support to the committee to ensure efficient operation of the club. 

Email: lara@camels.org.au

Phone: 0423 429 551


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